Paywall for WooCommerce - sell pay-per-view videos and other restricted content

"Paywall" is a WooCommerce extension that allows you to create and sell products with restricted access to content. When you install and activate the extension, you’ll be able to create and sell products with exclusive content and allow users to purchase them to “unlock” features.

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WooCommerce Assistant

“Assistant” is a WooCommerce store management extension that aims to reduce manual work by automating several routine tasks.

With a simple set of rules, it can schedule sales, tweak prices, run clearance events – all completely unattended.

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Service worker and 401 authorization

What happens

  • The website area (/admin) is protected by an `htpasswd` authorization (Apache: AuthType Basic, Require valid-user, etc.).
  • A "standard" service worker script is loaded at the home page, doing its usual stuff (install, fetch, cache).
  • When you go to the protected page, you are not asked for the user/password, but see the "Not Authorized" message immediately.
  • If you clear the service worker (in Chrome, F12 - Application - Clear storage), you can enter the admin area.

One way to cure

Your service-worker.js script probably has a piece of code that looks like:

self.addEventListener('fetch', event => {
    // Let the browser do its default thing
    // for non-GET requests.
    if (event.request.method !== 'GET') {

Add the following lines immediately after that part:

    // Exclude admin panel.
    if (0 === event.request.url.indexOf("https://www.my-site.com/admin")) {

It should help.


ACE Editor: submit, beautify and minify

A code example to use ACE Editor in HTML form, submit minified JS and CSS and beautify it.
This is just a sketch. The server side is not shown.

Developed for use in the WPGlobus Multilingual WordPress plugin's options panel.


Cygwin: Permissions 0660 for '~/.ssh/id_rsa' are too open.


  • MS Windows 8.1
  • Cygwin 64bit
  • ssh keys copied from somewhere and placed to ~/.ssh/


Permissions 0660 for '~/.ssh/id_rsa' are too open.
It is required that your private key files are NOT accessible by others.
This private key will be ignored.
bad permissions: ignore key: ~/.ssh/id_rsa

Did not work:

  • chmod 600 id_rsa
  • chmod 700 .ssh
  • Playing with Windows security panels
  • Setting group to SYSTEM
  • Everything else


Found on Vineet Gupta's blog http://vineetgupta.com/blog/cygwin-permissions-bug-on-windows-8

chgrp Users id_rsa
chmod 600 id_rsa

Now, all works. Thank you, Vineet!


Cannot disconnect USB drive? Close the Task Manager!

Yes, I am still using a WD "Passport" for downloaded movies. Copy on PC and connect the drive to TV's port. Yes, I know that I can stream. Yes, I have a good router. Never mind :-)
Oh, yes, I am still using Windows. Dear Mac users, I love you, too, but not as much as I love Bill Gates :)

<jokes aside>

"Windows cannot disconnect your USB drive". Close the programs, blah-blah-blah.

Well, closing File Manager's windows surely helps.
Waiting a bit after the file is "copied" helps, too. I guess, some portions of it are not flushed to the drive yet (who knows, it's Windows).

Who cares?
My TV. Sometimes. Just does not see the files if the drive wasn't properly dismounted.

Not so obvious
I believe, it monitors the disk activity. So, shut it down.

Not obvious at all
Atlassian's SourceTree.
Why? Who knows. I do not want to know. These days, I am using PHPStorm's Git or a command line. SourceTree is kept for some strange cases when I am not 100% sure what I just did... :-)

</off to watch>