EzineArticles - the verdict

The verdict is "NOT GUILTY!" :-)

Here is what I discovered during my little research:
  • EzineArticles has a well-designed and carefully developed interface for submitting articles. Except for minor bugs, everything works.
  • Submitted articles go through several stages of approval, starting from an automatic validation to the human-operated analysis of the content. (Disclaimer: my account was new. I do not know if the same level of validation is applied to the established authors)
  • My attempts to submit a "just-for-links" article failed. My article was rejected 5 times, for various reasons, including the last one, which pointed out that the content was "not unique and not giving any new specific information to the readers". There was a policy about the links, too, so I could not "stuff" my text with the link spam.
  • When I finally made a "real thing" (proud of myself :-), the article has been accepted. All the links in the article body had the "nofollow" tag (that means "ignored by Google"). Only the link in Author Profile (the article footer) did not have "nofollow".
  • After one week, the content of my article could be found only on the EzineArticles site. Therefore I assume that there is no automatic distribution of the content to some "satellite" websites.
In my opinion, EzineArticles cannot be used as a place to get "easy links".

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