Google Reconsideration Request Form is limited to 5,000 symbols

The reconsideration letter to Google must explain in details what did you do wrong, how did you fix it and why should Google believe that you are not going to make it again.

Do not lie and do not hide anything. Google knows anyway. They want you to show that you also know everything. Do not expect that Google will reply with: "Oh, no, you have also this and that, please fix" - they will never tell you. You must discover and solve all the problems yourself.

I highly recommend you reading PERP: A Free Manual for Google Penalty Recovery before writing your reconsideration letter.

Remember: Panda and Penguin are not manual penalties. Submitting a reconsideration request will not work if you have one of those algorithmic penalties.

Then write as much as you can - but fit it into 5,000 symbols, because that's the submission form's limit.

Good luck!

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