"Using Squidoo for SEO" : Dec.19 update

Nothing happened in Google/Bing so far. The phrase search for the words in subject still does not return any pages the page I made from the Squidoo site.

Let's place a link to the "lens":

Using Squidoo for SEO

I am aware of the low level of that article's content and design. This is done intentionally and is a part of  the experiment.

A side note: my first impression about Squidoo is: a large well-done piece of junk, a huge MFA ("Made For Advertising") website, which should have been demoted to zero by infamous Panda, together with all "article" websites. This impression is based on reading of a few articles in the "Giant Squids" area. I seriously doubt anyone goes there to read. A "writers'-only" website.

Update: the link worked immediately. Google shows this blog entry and my Squidoo lens as crawled at the same time.

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