Using SQUIDOO for SEO (experiment)

SEO experiment: Squidoo

2011-12-14: I registered on Squidoo

2011-12-15: Created a first posting there (they call it "lens"). The post was marked as "in progress", because not all of the items in their "checklist" were competed. The "lens" was "published", however.

2011-12-15: Checked in Google if my "lens" appears. Did a search on the exact title match and on some special "words" that I placed in the text. No results.

2011-12-16: Finished the "checklist", and re-published the "lens". Now it's marked as "featured", and not as "in progress"

2011-12-17: Checked Google again. No results

Conclusions so far:
  • Posting to Squidoo is complicated and time consuming. The resulting article looks ugly.
  • Google is not "pinged" with the new entry URL immediately after the "lens" is published.
Next steps: I will wait a few more days and if Google still does not know about my "lens", I will place a link to it from somewhere. Then will check the results again.

BY THE WAY: this post appeared in Google search immediately (as expected)

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